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What is a CRUD web application?

A CRUD Web application is the most basic type of web application. It allows you to create and edit data and show that data to your users.

The simplest example of a CRUD web application would probably be a blog. A blog allows you to create, read, update, and delete blog posts.

A more advanced web application like an analytics platform (e.g. Google Analytics) or a social network (e.g. LinkedIn) is not considered a CRUD web application because it has many advanced features that go beyond simply creating and updating data.

CRUD Means

CRUD Web Applications Allows Users To

Example CRUD Web Applications

Beyond CRUD

Why CRUD? Why Remake?

Remake keeps things simple by focusing on only CRUD applications instead of more complicated applications.

This simplicity makes Remake easy to understand, easy get started with, and easy to build working applications with.

Simple === Awesome


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