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Build No-Code Platforms With HTML

An open-source framework for building no-code platforms with only HTML + CSS
  • User accounts & database
  • Inline editing & file uploads
  • No backend coding required!
Why use Remake? 0:49

HTML + CSS = No-Code Platform

Code your front-end, we take care of the rest

Designed by Alyssa X
Trello clone example app
Kanban App
Designed by Alyssa X
Resume builder example app
Resume/CV Builder
Designed by Linus Lee
Reading List Sharing App
Reading List Sharing App

A working web app in 11 lines of HTML

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See the Pen Todo App (Remake Demo) by David Miranda (@panphora) on CodePen.

It couldn’t be that easy... could it?

Web development doesn't have to be hard. Let us take you through Remake step by step.
πŸ‘©β€πŸ³ 30+ Remake Recipes (see how easy it is)

Turn Websites into No-Code Platforms

Create an HTML and CSS website
(e.g. a dentist website)
Add 8-10 Remake attributes to it
(to make it editable)
Now you have a web app that each of your customers can edit their own version of
(e.g. a dentist website builder!)

What can I build with Remake?

Build an editable website and distribute it to thousands of users by adding a few custom HTML attributes to a static template.
πŸ“š Get ideas for your first app
Code Less / Launch more
Get your app into the hands of real users today
Create a fully-functional web application that your users can sign into and modify — all with just HTML.
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A simpler, smarter architecture
Editable areas built in. Simply tell Remake which data is editable and it'll take care of the rest!
Learn more about editable areas
User accounts ready to go. Email & password sign up + login — all ready to go from your first line of code.
Get more info on user accounts
Instant deployment. After you have a Remake app, it’s just a single command to deploy it!
Deployment documentation

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