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Build CRUD web apps quickly

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Getting Started

  1. Install Remake globally
npm install remake -g
  1. Generate a starter project
remake create <project-dir>
  1. Run the project locally
cd projectName && npm run dev

Quick Start

Creating a web application is hard. You need to install packages, configure your build process, create API endpoints, set up a database, and load in some demo data, and that's all before even getting started!

It can be easier!

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How Remake is Different

1. Handling state is simple

Given this HTML:

<div data-o-type="object" data-o-key-name="John" data-o-key-age="24"></div>

Remake will produce this object:

{"name": "John", "age": "24"}

Whenever this data changes, Remake will automatically saves it to the current user's data.

2. Multiple items are converted into an array

Remake uses the natural structure of this HTML:

<div data-o-type="list">
  <div data-o-type="object" data-o-key-name="John" data-o-key-age="24"></div>
  <div data-o-type="object" data-o-key-name="Mary" data-o-key-age="26"></div>

To create an arrays of objects:

  {"name": "John", "age": "24"},
  {"name": "Mary", "age": "26"}

Let's skip a few steps ahead to:

3. A working Remake web app:

<ul data-o-key="todos" data-o-type="list">
  {{#for todo in data.todos}}
    >{{ todo.text }}</li>
<button data-i-new="todo">Add Todo</button>

Line by line:

  1. The data on this page will be under the key todos and inside an array

  2. Start a #for loop to render all the existing todos

  3. Start an li list item element

  4. Each todo will be an object

  5. The key "text" that this element exports will be set to the current text of this element

  6. Clicking on this element will trigger an editable popover

  7. Render the current todo's text key

  8. End the #for loop

  9. Close the ul

  10. Click the button to render a new todo at the end of the list

Step-By-Step Tutorial

Follow along as we create a Choose Your Own Ending Game!

Along the way, we'll explain what Remake is all about, how it gets its powers, and why it's the fastest way to build a web application.

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Full Documentation

Why We Made Remake

Remake allows anyone to turn a static website into a dynamic web application in a matter of minutes.

Remake's authors believe there should be more startups in the world — it should be easier to create them!

The web is a relatively new technology, with a lot of room for growth. What if your neighbor could create a web app in an afternoon? That would mean you could too. Then, the web would suddenly become a less dangerous, much more interesting, and much more exciting place.

Our goal is to foster a more approachable and friendly internet, so more companies and individuals can contributes to the whole ecosystem, connect, and learn from each other.


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