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The batteries-included web app framework

Easy Editing
Editable areas built in
Simply tell Remake which data is editable and it'll take care of the rest!
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Sort & Save
Zero-config sortable items
Just mark each list that’s sortable with a single attribute.
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User Accounts
Sign up & log in, already done
Email and password sign up and login working out of the box!
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Database Syncing
No-hassle data management
Remake's most powerful feature!
Tell Remake where your data is and it will save it, load it, and process it.
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Easy, instant hosting
Once you set up a Remake app, publishing it only takes a minute!
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Explore the possibilities

Adventure Story

A choose-your-own-ending multiple choice game.

Task Fellow

A kanban board with lists of sortable tasks!

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A dashboard for your daily tasks and updates.

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